Butchers & Drovers Charitable Institution (BDCI)

Registered Charity No 296990

The Butchers & Drovers Charitable Institution (BDCI) is the Meat Industry's trade charity. Applications for help are welcomed from people from anywhere in the UK who are or have been connected in any capacity with the Meat Trade, whether retail, wholesale or otherwise. We assist those people who are unable to work or over the age of 60 and have limited financial resources. Widows, dependants and children of those who have been in the trade are always considered for help.

Help is given in three ways: Pensions, One-off grants to help towards a major expense etc., assistance towards fees in a Residential or Nursing Home. We host a number of fundraising events during the year to help boost funds enabling us to assist more people and meet the above costs. The most well-known of these events is the Annual Festival Dinner. The BDCI also seeks help from individuals or groups who want to get involved in the workings of the Charity. We need people around the country to be our voice and ears, spreading our name, and listening out for people who might need help.

Please contact the BDCI on Tel: 01727 896 094 or Email: info@bdci.uk.com