The 2015/16 Plan, which was approved in early May 2015, and updated in October 2015 will assist the following training and education activities;

  • Supporting the Meat Trade Apprentice Trailblazer Scheme. The Government has approved the 50+ new trailblazer standards to commence from September 2015 and the Butchery Trailblazer was one of the first to be approved.  The development of this Level 2 Butchery Standard has been led by meat industry employer group and is the first 'craft' based food apprenticeship to be available for delivery.  The Food and Drink Training and Education Council (ftc) provides the secretariat and technical support services to the employer group and has orchestrated the compilation of the assessment plan with part funding by The Worshipful Company of Butchers.  This funding helped ftc enormously to achieve a quality apprenticeship for butchers with the right funding rate to deliver the end assessment.   On 15 October 2015 the first three candidates were signed up to the scheme.  A Level 3 Butchery Standard submission will follow in March 2016. 

  • Part Fund the Premier Young Butchers Competition supported by the National Federation of Meat and Food Traders (NFMFT) . This is a competition where traditional craft skills and product innovation for a developing consumer market can be demonstrated and took take place during MEATUP at Stoneleigh Showground on 30 June 2015. The winner of that competition, Miss Lucy Crawshaw and the runner up, Mr Joe Smith, will go onto the International Young Butchers Competition in Paris in September 2016.  In order to enhance areas that the UK team perhaps need improvement on WCB provided additional sponsorship in February 2016 in order to allow the team to visit Europe and receive additional training which will improve their chances of competing on the same level playing field as their European competitors.  

  • Advanced Butchery Training.   In partnership with the IoM, WCB will part fund an Advanced Butchery Training Course which will be run in the UK with a prominent continental butcher coming to the UK to conduct an advanced course for younger butchers at an institution with suitable facilities such as Leeds City College or harper Adams University.  At the October 2015 Charity and Education Committee meeting it was decided that this strand of the Education Plan would not occur in 2015 as the funding was not required.

  • Post Graduate Diploma (PgD) Meat Business Management.   The Plan supports two PgD Meat Business Management candidates at Harper Adams University through bursaries for candidates who cannot otherwise attain funding. There is a need for further funding to go towards the Postgraduate Diploma and MSc Levels on these Courses which are greatly valued by the industry. The two WCB funded students are currently completing their MSc Meat Business Management Course and will become the first to complete the full 3 year part time MSc course when they finish in the early part of 2016.   

  • The Nuffield Scholarship Scheme.  The Nuffield Scholarship Scheme has been particularly successful for WCB. All our three scholars so far sponsored have had their careers and personal development greatly enhanced. We did not sponsor a Nuffield Scholar in 2015 but selected Mr Rob Mercer in November 2015 to be our 2016 Nuffield Scholar. (See further details under the ‘Nuffield Farming Scholarships’ Section below)

  • Support the IoM New Membership Grade – the Master Butcher (MBIoM). This is equivalent to a level 6 qualification (honours degree level) and provides welcome progression for apprentices in the craft. We are recognising this development by agreeing to promote and publicize the qualification as well as announce the successful candidates at the Court Lunch which follows the IOM/WCB Awards Ceremony in February 2016.

  • Livery Showcase Event.   Within the City of London there is a Livery Showcase Event where Livery Companies showcase their trades and professions to an invited audience of students and their teachers thereby better providing signposting of opportunities to students.  WCB are sponsoring a Meat Industry Stand next year on 15 March 16 at Guildhall.