Background to the Course.  WCB has supported a Postgraduate Course in Meat Business Management at Harper Adams University since its inception in January 2012. Initially, WCB funds were used to help develop and recruit for the course; subsequently, we have been providing bursaries for students from meat companies who wish to take the course. There are 3 stages of the course – the Postgraduate Certificate (PgC), the Postgraduate Diploma (PgD) asnd the full MSc. Government funding (through the Advanced Training Partnership Scheme) has been available for bursaries for students taking the PgC stage. WCB financial support has therefore been used to fund bursaries for the PgD and MSc stages.

Course Objectives.  The objective of the Meat Business Management Course is to provide students from the meat industry with the knowledge and skills required to increase their effectiveness, efficiency and profitability of their employers' businesses; and to develop their own career potential within the meat industry.

Key Features.  The PgC and PgD stages consist of four taught modules at Harper Adams covering:

  • The PgC.
    • Food business operations management.

    • Animal production, meat processing and quality.

    • Supply chain management.

    • Managing in meat businesses: leading and managing people and teams.
  • The PgD.
    • Meat Science andPublic Health.
    • Research and information skills.
    • Two further modules which can be selected from a range of topics including;
      • Agri-food Marketing,
      • Animal Welfare and Bio-ethics,
      • Food Product Development,
      • Food Security and Sustainability
      • The Principles of Finance.

The key feature of the MSc stage is a research project and dissertation.

NB There is minimum disruption for companies from students who are attending the course but who also have an important role to play in their businesses. Assignments and projects are carried out in the companies concerned.

Who can apply? Two types of applicants will be suitable:

  • Graduates who have recently joined a company with little or no experience of the meat industry.
  • Those who have not got a degree but who are assessed to be suitable for participating in the course. Such candidates will benefit from obtaining a qualification as well as the knowledge gained from the course.

For more information, contact Zoey Sermon at Harper Adams University
tel: 01952 815148