Fundraising Appeal

The Fundraising Appeal is all about raising funds to meet the repayment costs for the refurbishment to those parts of Butchers’ Hall used by Liverymen. We’re encouraging every Liveryman to support the fund, to contribute what they feel they can afford. Below are ways you can support, what is, after all, your Hall.

Standing Order

The most popular, and effective, way, is to agree a Standing Order for a regular payment. We calculated that if every Liveryman gave £30 a month, we’d be well on our way to reaching our target. A good number of Liverymen are giving in this way and we’d encourage anybody who wants to help the cause to download the Standing Order Form, complete the details and join your fellow Liverymen in helping the Hall.

One-off contributions

A number of Liverymen prefer to make one-off payments and we can, of course accommodate them.

200 Club

This club, as the name suggests, is a Private Lottery, limited to 200 tickets at £10 each. The monthly prize draw is made at the Court Lunch. Half the fund goes in prize money each month and the other half goes towards the Fundraising Appeal.

Monthly Champagne Draw

This popular and effective monthly bit of fun involves Liverymen and guests attending the Court Lunch putting £20 in an envelope, signing it and putting it into the hat.The draw is made at the Stirrup Cup and a lucky winner walks away with a case of Champagne. Simple, fun, very effective and another reason to come to a Court Lunch... if you ever needed one.

Other Activities

One-off events add to the excitement and provide a source of fellowship, camaraderie, fun and fundraising for a good cause.

A spectacular, sumptuous and successful dinner in the Royal quarters at Warwick Castle provided a real treat as have a number of wine tastings, a horse racing day at Sandown Park, a Charity Golf Day and other dinners.

The annual Master’s Charity Banquet is always one of the highlights each year so do look out for it. It mixes glamour and style with great food, wine and company. A range of fundraising takes place during the evening, usually including a raffle and auction.

Ten very brave and energetic members climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in March 2019 to raise funds equally between the Cure Parkinson’s Trust and the Master’s Million. They reached the top to cap a wonderful achievement (yes, they did make it back too).

As you can see, we try and have fun while contributing to the future of our Livery Company. It's in our hands and it is our responsibility. We have a long way to go to meet our target, please help by contributing in any way you can. Thank you.

For one off contributions, please contact:

The Clerk, Jeff Mason
Telephone: 0203 931 8350

Standing Order Form

You can help by setting up a Standing Order - just complete the form and send it to us. Your help is greatly valued

Download Form

200 Club Application

Entry is still available through completion of the Application Form here.

Download Form