Butchery Videos

An introduction from the Institute of Meat

The Food Technology and Innovation Department at Harper Adams University has produced a range of informative, practical butchery videos aimed at students on farming, agribusiness and food related courses.

Featuring traditional cutting methods for beef, lamb, pork and chicken that demonstrate the important link in the chain that butchery has and ultimately what happens to the carcasses before they reach the consumer.  

The videos are not intended to be a “Masterclass” in butchery but an every day insight into the world of carcass breakdown and preparation.

Since their production people in other sectors of the meat and livestock industry have expressed an interest in showing the videos and including them in presentations to staff, students and other interested groups. Consisting of 26 short videos they are ideal for showing the preparation of individual cuts of meat.

Keith Fisher, Institute of Meat
Keith Fisher.

The videos were produced in conjunction with the Institute of Meat and received financial support from the Worshipful Company of Butchers.

Our thanks to Jason Hilliard, who performed the butchery, and the staff from Harper Adams who contributed to the production of the videos.

Keith Fisher, Chief Executive of the Institute of Meat

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