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Butchers cured with fine whisky

Published on: 1 December 2020

Despite the awful inevitability of Zoom and the somewhat daunting prospect of drinking Swedish whisky I approached the Charcuterie and Whisky tasting session on the 26th of this month with some level of justifiable excitement, explains Liveryman Dr Jason Aldiss.

Freeman Matt Hill of Cobble Lane Cured Meat had sent through the post some wonderful looking specimens indeed. I have to admit to being somewhat dubious about the accompanying Swedish whisky from Mackmyra – but hey ho – in for a penny in for a pound!

I settled into my study with a roaring fire blazing, a small Havana cigar at the ready – I had already laid out the wonderful selection of Coppa, Lomo, spicy kabanas, and bresaola on a solid wooden board gifted from a previous WCoB event some years previous – set out two crystal whisky tumblers with a bottle of Highland Spring water at the ready to quell the anticipated inferno that Swedish whisky was, I presumed, likely to induce in my somewhat delicate stomach. 

The ‘meeting’ commenced with some fine words we have come to expect from our splendid Master, the Clerk began by introducing Matt and his colleague Carl Beech and so the event began.

It would be rude of me to dwell too much on the wonderful flavours and delicate aromas I experienced from the delectable charcuterie as those that were unable to attend will become consumed with jealousy – suffice to say that as I write this little piece I am salivating at the prospect of enjoying it all soon from the pack I immediately ordered after our little soiree.

Matt of Cobble Lane Cured Meats
Carl of Mackmyra Whisky

I would be being selective with the truth if I did not state that I approached our small bottles of Mackmyra Swedish whisky with some degree of caution – Sweden is not known for its whisky I think is a fair judgement call – exacerbated by the fact that our gallant clerk had exempted himself from having a wee dram on the pretext that he “was on duty”.

But, goodness me was I in for a delightful surprise – like drinking a smoking orchard – fiery butterscotch overlaid with clean fresh fruits with a slight background of smoke that accompanied my cigar with perfection. The real pleasure was soon to begin however – the combination of the fine Mackmyra whisky and the Cobble Lane cured meats was simply divine – and one that I look forward to repeat as soon as my follow up packages arrive in the post.

A fine night enjoyed by all – must be repeated – well done to the organising committees – unique, thoroughly enjoyable and another truly memorable virtual event.

Liveryman Dr Jason Aldiss, BEM