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Master's Blog: two months in, how time has flown

Published on: 12 November 2019

Good Liverymen, it is amazing to me that nearly two months have gone since Common Hall. In my last missive, I mentioned ‘Youth’ and that is to be the cornerstone of my campaign: Apprenticeships, Education and Scholars. It felt so good to announce our New Young Butcher Programme. This was duly endorsed and approved by the Court at the November meeting at which we were honoured by the presence of the Past Master HRH, the Princess Royal.

It was approved too that we can look to bring in 50 new Young Butchers and it is my desire that members of the company assist me in sponsoring some of them on their way forward to become full liverymen. Congratulations too should go to Lucinda Baker, our 1st President of the Young Butchers and Warden John Allton-Jones for getting this across the line, through leadership and endeavour. Any one member who feels they can recommend individuals into this programme; it would be good for us and definitely for them.

Our Hall has been universally well received with mad acclaim for its looks, its splendour and great compliments about our staff and catering. Thank you all for assisting in this, as we work on our growing relationship with Life’s Kitchen, our professional partners, and it becomes clear that we have made some really good decisions in the past to get this off the ground and running..

Herding sheep across London Bridge
Herding sheep across London Bridge, and the certificate to prove it!

I am striving to represent the Company in all matters and to this end it is an absolute honour. I have now attended more than 30 meetings, including herding some sheep across London Bridge, a visit to HMS Tyne, our Royal Navy affiliate, dinner on HMS Victory, dinner with 600 Squadron our RAF affiliate, through to planting our cross in the Remembrance Garden at St Pauls. I had two over the weekend, and many more ahead. It is a privilege to be in this position and for that I thank you all. The visit of The Princess Royal was an extraordinary experience, and we should be proud that we hit the broad sheets the following morning. Everyone enjoyed the day, and she had the opportunity to meet as many people that were present.

Being a participant at the UK Sausage Week awards and celebration lunch at Butchers’ Hall and the Butchers’ Shop of the year award was part of what this job entails, and I look forward to being present later this week at the Women in Meat Industry Awards dinner on Friday evening too.

On Wednesday last week, the Lord Mayor elect came for breakfast and it was a great occasion, although the 4am start is not good for my health. The relationship and history between the Worshipful Company and the Mayor couldn’t be stronger, and to keep that going whilst the rest of the Country is losing the plot is commendable.

I wish you all well until next time, but please join us for the 11th or 18th December for the Christmas fun fellowship and frolics, with all children’s presents being sent on to a hospital of our choice.

Tim Dumenil