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WCB Young Butchers Tour Aubrey Allen

Published on: 2 February 2023

On Friday 27th January a group from Harper Adams and The WCB Young Butchers enjoyed an eye-opening tour of Aubrey Allen’s fantastic catering Butchery unit in Coventry.

WCB Young Butchers commence the tour

The morning started with delicious ‘English, free-range sausage and bacon rolls! An open forum led by Liveryman Lucianne Allen got the morning underway and there were a lot of interesting topics being discussed and bounced around the room.

One main headline was the culture that has been established within the business. This great culture for work, and embracing the workforce, was very evident as we toured the whole operation. It was a culture that everybody picked up on and was impressed by.

Starting in the carcase chiller, we witnessed some beautiful examples of sides a beef and the importance of how strict their specification is and why it needs to be adhered to. Having the correct spec at the start ensures the product is right for the chef/consumer. Learning that there is a need to try and educate farmers to produce the right animal, to produce the right animal not just on grade, fat, and size but what produces the best flavour too.

A skilled Butchery demonstration

The sausage and burger rooms were very impressive, and the group were taken back by how automated and efficient the process is, from the automated sausage linker to the speed of the burgers passing over the check weigher.

A very talented (in house trained) butcher demonstrated and butchered a dry aged rump from an Aberdeen Angus. Seaming the muscles down and presenting all the different cuts that come from a rump. This also showed the importance of yields and just how skilled butchery is.

We then moved into the cheese store…….There was an abundance of cheeses from all over the UK and France, so many it took us by surprise!!

The final stage of the tour was the impressive dry ageing chillers. A brilliant USP for showcasing their dedication and passion for producing the best quality meat.

A huge thank you to Lucianne and her team for taking the time to show us their butchery facility and let us inside the Aubrey Allen story.

The WCB Young Butchers will be announcing the next tour shortly. If anybody would like to learn more about what we do or would like to join The WCB Young Butchers, please contact Assistant David Baker :