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Liverymen Run The River (and so much more) to raise money for Teach First

Published on: 27 September 2023

The annual fundraiser for one of our long-standing charity partners has generated a fantastic level of involvement and support from Liverymen over the years... but in 2023 it's safe to say we went above and beyond.

Butchers Liverymen at Run the River 2023 organised by Teach First
Warming up before the Run the River event down by the Thames.

“It’s such a special partnership and that comes through really clearly when so many people get involved with Run the River every year. We appreciate it so much,” said Rebecca Lever, Head of Supporter Experience at Teach First.

It's typical of our Livery to do something beyond what anyone could expect. The team name was in memory of Derek Berry once again, as we remember a man who felt so passionately about how Teach First helps to improve the life chances and choices for children experiencing poverty.

Training talented teachers and equipping school leaders working in some of the poorest areas of the country, Teach First aims to give children with the fewest opportunities access to a great education.

We did much more than just run the river in 2023

Taking part in the Run The River event along the Thames is important to our Livery and to our support of Teach First.

Liverymen, along with their friends and family, also ran or walked 'their own way' too.

But we didn't stop there.

  • Rod Adlington, together with his Brightsides crew rowed 75 miles round the Isle of Wight. Rod will be setting off on his epic journey across the Atlantic in January 2024.
  • Past Master, Margaret Boanas led her group of Liverymen round the City.
  • Bill Jermey paddled a coracle.
  • Josh Allton Jones and Finan Shortland, aged 9, ran their respective 10ks ridiculously quickly.
  • Andrew Duff ran his 10k in Edinburgh.
  • Virginia and Gwyn Howells ran in Sainte Maxime, France.
  • Pauline and Paul Dolan took the trouble to participate whilst on holiday in New York.
  • And a group ran the actual event with Rob Yandell running his first competitive 5k. Many more could be mentioned.

A special note should be made of the enormous gratitude felt by Joan Paris for us all remembering Derek Berry.

Already a number of people have been in touch to say please put me down for next year. We hope many more will join us for fun, fellowship and to raise important funds.

It was a fantastic effort across the board by WCB.


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