Charity, along with Education and Fellowship, is one of the fundamental principles of the Worshipful Company of Butchers. Indeed, the Livery Companies of the City of London are renowned for making charitable contributions to organisations supporting individuals less fortunate than ourselves.

Revenue is derived from the General Charity administered by the Company and allocated in line with our agreed strategy. Two main beneficiaries, currently Teach First and Theodora Children’s Charity, are funded on a three year cycle with 2019 being a review year for the next cycle. A number of minor awards are also made during the year.

The strategy includes a commitment for Liverymen to try to engage with the individual charity to seek to enhance the financial contribution with hands on business advice and introductions along with other forms of support.

Feedback suggests that this element of commitment is very much welcomed by the charities.

2018 saw the introduction of a donation to a Children's Hospice with Noah’s Ark, in North London, being the recipient. We aim to repeat the award each year and Liverymen will be invited to nominate individual beneficiaries each year.

Policy and Criteria

The Charity Policy (Registered Charity No 257928) of the Worshipful Company of Butchers (WCB) is to support selected charities with awards using the investment income generated in each financial year.

The following criteria are guidelines used by the WCB Charity Committee when considering the beneficiaries of Awards. The criteria are divided into essential and desirable and it is suggested that three to four essential criteria need to be met before supporting a particular charity is agreed.

Essential Criteria - Minor Awards

  • Minor Awards will be made to a limited number of good causes with which the WCB is linked and represented.
  • Minor Awards will be reviewed annually but can be expected to be repetitive due to the nature of the “good cause”. In that respect the Charity Committee will receive guidance from the Clerk.
  • Minor Awards are as much a commitment as Major Awards and must be considered simultaneously against the funds available for distribution.

Desirable Criteria for Major Awards

  • Preferred charities to have nationwide rather than London centric activities.
  • Dependent on successful relationships consideration should be given to extending the initial period of three years.
  • Potential reciprocity, if appropriate, should be sought through hire of Butchers’ Hall and/or involvement and acknowledgement of WCB through PR and other events.
  • The administrative expenses of the charity should be reviewed and considered reasonable in the context of the scope and size of the charity.

How can charities apply to the WCB for donations and support?

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