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A Livery Company with a long history

The Worshipful Company of Butchers is one of the oldest of the 110 City of London Livery Companies - we can trace our roots back to 975 AD - and is ranked 24th in order of precedence.

Offering a unique centre-point to the British meat industry our Company unites individuals from all sectors of the trade and beyond and who, together, embrace and enhance the Company’s commitment to Charity, Education and Fellowship.

Anyone enjoying one of our famous Court Lunches will testify, not only to the top quality meat, supplied by Liverymen but to the unique atmosphere, sense of comradeship and all round goodwill generated by Liverymen. Unique indeed!

We continuously seek to increase our role with engagement at regular events, the development and administration of Apprenticeship schemes, and sponsorship of meat industry training including competitions, funding of bursaries and courses.

A proud and active Livery Company we look forward to serving the industry, the City of London and indeed the country for many generations.